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Access control

Access control in a workplace, whether a private firm or public agency, is essential for the proper functioning of the work environment. Recognising and deciding who may enter, when and from which entrance; determining a route and time for visitors and outside workers; marking off reserved areas; being sure of the identities of the people with access to the environment, knowing how many have exited, activating alarms, controlling sensors...these are only some of the features of access control and management.
Solving these problems properly requires electronic equipment and computer programmes designed and created specifically for these needs and that interact perfectly with each other.
It is also essential for the hardware to enable the creation of these systems by adapting to installation requirements, with solutions that make these things easy and therefore economical.
​For needs related to access control, Trexom invites you to learn more on the subject by referring to our products Cosmo Touch, Cosmo 3, Sesamo and Gate Ydro, and our Software page.