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The Cosmo products offer new opportunities for software development.

In fact, Cosmo Touch and Cosmo 3 allow the implementation of personalised apps in the terminal, using standard Linux development systems (C, Python, etc.). Alternatively, Trexom’s apps can be used. Trexom has created TrxTimeATTENDANCE, an app that allows the use of the terminal’s features to take advantage of the potential in many attendance and access needs: it manages badge-reader peripherals, allows the creation of customised access criteria, activates outputs such as an electric lock or a siren and, of course, many other things.
The application comes with an intuitive and striking graphic.

Grafica Cosmo Touch

Another solution that Trexom offers you is Bridge2WEB (B2W).B2W (developed for Cosmo Touch) is a very powerful tool that allows to send informations and data the web and, of course to use them: we are talking about Internet of things. To learn about the potentials of the Cosmo product, check the Cosmo Touch and Cosmo 3 pages.

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