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A new era of opportunities

Cosmo Touch

Cosmo Touch

Cosmo-TOUCH is a powerful, versatile terminal that can be used in an endless array of applications, allows lots of freedom and room for expansion and thus is an opportunity to develop innovative projects and integration in systems like security, monitoring and data collection from people or objects in the work environment.
​Cosmo Touch offers a 7” display with a touch screen, an ARM® processor, a Linux® operating system, a sound card, 2 USB ports (expansible with a special module), an Ethernet interface, relays and digital inputs (both ‘on-board’ and with the possibility of expansion by using one or more extra modules in a cascade to increase the number of relays and inputs to be managed).
Using the USB channels present, the terminal can be supplied with communications interfaces like WiFi, GSM, GPRS, etc.
Cosmo Touch can, of course, manage various peripherals to read codes, cards and tags using RFID technology (125 kHz, 13.56 Mhz, UHF antennae, etc.) and more.
It can also use alternating current for power from 110 to 230VAC (optional power supply) to 12 or 24VDC and in PoE mode (Power over Ethernet).
​The terminal was built to allow a broad scope for development. In fact, it can use apps (applications loaded in the terminal to manage it and the user interface) created by Trexom, as well as the alternative of creating a custom app in the terminal using standard Linux development systems (C, Python, etc.). Trexom has developed two apps: one is a TimeATTENDANCE-based application that allows the terminal to be used in the world of attendance management and access control.
The second app we developed is Bridge2Web, which gives you the opportunities of Internet of things. Get more information on application development HERE.
​Cosmo Touch is for all intents a new era of opportunity, and understanding the reason for this is simple: just imagine how many development possibilities can be obtained with a large video display interface, with a real sound card, USB ports and various peripheral connections for input/output instead of a badge reader, and the possibility of interfacing with expansion cards that make the product flexible and adaptable.
Trexom’s objective, in fact, is to understand the needs of our customer and provide the most appropriate solution, and our Cosmo products are absolutely designed with this in mind. For more details, refer to the data sheet or contact TREXOM


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