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A new product of 2017

Cosmo Tre

Cosmo Tre

COSMO-TRE  is our first new product in 2017, and it offers an interesting variation on our Cosmo Touch product, maintaining the potentials of that device and expanding its many possible applications. Cosmo Touch and Cosmo Tre are a response to new and old needs in the workplace.
​Cosmo Tre offers a 3.5” display and an elegant 21-button keypad, an ARM® processor, a Linux® operating system, a sound card, 2 USB ports (expansible with a special module), an Ethernet interface, relays and digital inputs (both ‘on-board’ and, as is obviously the case with the Touch version, the possibility of expansion by using one or more added modules in a cascade to increase the number of relays and inputs to be managed).
Using the USB channels present, the terminal can be supplied with communications interfaces like WiFi, GSM, GPRS, etc.
Cosmo Tre manages various peripherals to read codes, cards and tags, meaning RFID technology (125 kHz, 13.56 Mhz, UHR antennae) and more.
It can also use alternating current for power from 110 to 230VAC (optional power supply) to 12 or 24VDC and in PoE mode (Power over Ethernet).
​The terminal was built to allow a broad scope for development. In fact, it is possible to use apps (applications loaded in the terminal to manage it and the user interface) created by Trexom, and as an alternative to create custom apps in the terminal using standard Linux development systems (C, Python, etc.).
Trexom has developed a basic app: TimeATTENDANCE, which allows Cosmo Three to be used in the world of attendance management and access control.
Get more information on application development HERE.
​Cosmo Three is a compromise between the past and the future, between the designs of the classic Trexom products and the potentials the technology offers. The presence of the keypad allows the device to be in workplace environments that are not suitable for a Touch Screen. The presence of a nice graphical display also adds a wealth of information, possibilities and aesthetic beauty.
For more details, consult the data sheet or contact TREXOM.

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