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TREXOM offers a range of data detectors to meet the data collection needs of any kind of private firm or public agency. They can interface with all data management software currently on the market, they are easy to use and they are thoughtfully designed in every detail, including aesthetically. The tools used to identify personnel can be magnetic cards with bar codes, RFID transponders, smart cards or even fingerprints. From this menu, you can access the pages for the individual products and their technical data sheets.


A new era of opportunities

Cosmo Touch, based on ARM® technology and equipped with the Linux® operating system, a sound card and a large graphical display, allows you to take advantage of the constant, frenetic evolution of computer technology and provides an investment that will last over time.
Cosmo Touch is a simple instrument to use, one that is reliable and offers complete performance. In addition to all this, there is also an attractive design that shows off its technical qualities.
​This product is a NEW WAY TO COLLECT DATA and do much, much more. To discover the world of Cosmo Touch, click below to see the related page.

Cosmo TRE

A new product of 2017

Cosmo 3 is new as of the beginning of 2017. Based on ARM® technology and equipped with the Linux® operating system and a sound card, the Cosmo THREE is a both elegant and simple, a very interesting variation on the Cosmo TOUCH.
Cosmo THREE is a solution that combines Trexom’s proven success in product design with the capabilities of our new designs.
​The two basic differences from the TOUCH version are the 3.5” display and the 21-button keypad.


Pratical and innovative

GEO, a practical and innovative product, is a unique data collection terminal designed to supply solutions to many problems in the constantly evolving work place.
GEO can be used as a portable terminal, attached to the wall or installed on turnstiles, and can be used for access control, attendance management and monitoring mobile activities.

Gate Ydro

A high-performance, simple and economical product.


Equipment designed to solve the customer’s problems as well as those of the installer provide an immediate savings, especially in installation costs, and a time savings, too, due to its dependability and easy maintenance. The Gate Ydro product was designed with all these needs in mind. Visit the Gate Ydro page for details.


Choose our access control


Sesamo is a complete suite of hardware solutions designed to meet all the needs related to problems of access control.
The Sesamo system is based on concentrators linked to the company’s Ethernet network, which control up to 8 personal credential recognition units and up to 8 entry command and control units, using only 3 wire lines that carry both the signals and the power supply.   
​Each peripheral unit (Sesamo and I/O+Click) is configured with an address using jumpers and can be uniquely programmed and associated with a different entry point, either one way or in both directions.


Stand Alone, low cost


It's a terminal to read EM-V4102 type transponders and works as a stand-alone.
The CLICK can manage a whitelist with a maximum of 400 codes. The module is used as an electronic door opener. Its EEPROM memory contains the codes for read-only tags authorised to activate the output relay that controls the door. ​The whitelist is managed using the Insert Card, the Erase Card and the Clear Card (also known as Master Cards).
CLICK is a great product in its simplicity and convenience, and it is an economical solution.

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