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Helios CP

HELIOS CP  is a program for the management of access control based on a software platform that can handle the needs and problems of a modern access control system.

It is developed using Java technology and the server application - including the web server, the communication module and data processing module - it can be installed on any machine and any operating system that can host and run a Java Virtual Machine.

For client stations (machines) is enough a web browser that can interpret Java scripting language.

Its intuitive Web interface that invokes a normal desktop application, developed in accordance with the philosophy R.I.A. (Rich Internet Application), enables a high-performance speed of execution of the application, since the entire load of data processing is not only supported by the server but also by the various clients that interact with it during interrogations and processing by users .

HeliosCP supports various database engines (MySQL, MS SQLServer, PostGre SQL, Oracle), allowing easy interoperability with the Company DBRMS, thus exploiting their existing backup infrastructure and data protection. The software also allows you to export / import complete or partial data of the entire archive to allow a constant customized historicizing.

The user interface is multilanguage, thus giving the opportunity to display data to users of different nationalities.

The system allows you to monitor real-time system status through a convenient graphical interface, displaying a map of the various devices with the operating status and any additional information.

In case of malfunctions, the system sends the fault signal and its characteristics to a list of e-mail addresses, in order to enable appropriate counter-measures in the shortest possible time.

You can configure master data, Visitors and Motor Vehicles for more companies and for each company in order to allow easy control of the various records inserted. The data fields are easily customizable and extensible based on the needs of each client.

The access control system uses the philosophy of areas and gates with a complete parameterization of them down to the smallest details, such as setting access profiles, time slots, number of allowed access in a given area or for a given user, the calendar of events and holidays and plenty of other options.

Operators / users accessing the software are related to access profiles based on user defined rules that create restrictions to each part of the application.

The personal data and the badges can be imported via CSV files. A powerful reporting system provides prints for present / absent, visitors, vehicles, transit, etc. filtered through appropriate search criteria. In addition to the internal reporting engine, using special masks, you can create reports and filters for every need. All reports can be exported in various formats. (Pdf, xls, rtf, doc, docx, txt, odt).

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