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TREXOM is a company that specialises in the planning and creation of efficient solutions for automatic identification of people and things in work environments: attendance management, access control  and safety, production monitoring and much more. Trexom specialises in all aspects of time management and related information and does internal software and hardware design, offering cutting-edge products and solutions that keep pace with the technology of the present and the future, products that are based on ARM® microprocessors and the Linux operating system and open to the opportunities offered by the Internet of things (IoT).

Private and public firms that want to improve their performance with complete, timely and reliable information choose Trexom to find the best solution to meet their needs. Trexom welcomes you to this website.

Sistemi e reader RFID
Tecnologia ARM
Internet of things
Sistema operativo Linux
>>>   IMPORTANT   <<<

Cosmo Touch: A new era of opportunities has begun!

Based on ARM® technology and the Linux operating system, with a 7” graphical display, touch screen, sound card and a huge possibility for expansion based on the customer’s needs, both in terms of peripheral management and communications interfaces, as well as personalisation.

GEO...the compact terminal.

Covers a wide range of applications and is intuitive to use.

New product: Cosmo TRE

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the COSMO 3 terminal.
​This is a new frontier for our Cosmo, which keeps the same functionality and offers a 3.5” display and a 21-button keypad.

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