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SESAMO is a suite of hardware for all the Access control requests.


Access Control in a working environment, whether it is a private company or a public institution, is crucial for an effective and efficient work environment and its importance grows progressively.
To recognize and decide who can enter and exit, when and through which entry, to determine a passage and time for visitors and external operators; to limit reserved areas, to be certain of a person’s identity accessing the environment, to know when everybody has left the building, activate alarms, control the sensors… are some of the aspects of Access Control.
In order to correctly solve these issues, it is necessary to have electronic devices (hardware) and IT programs (software) designed and elaborated specifically for these needs and both, software and hardware, must interact perfectly.
Moreover: it is crucial that the hardware, in the first place, facilitates system development by adapting it to installation needs through solutions enabling easy and cheap production.
Sesamo is a complete suite of hardware solutions designed to meet all the needs related to Access Control problems.
The Sesamo system is based on concentrators linked to the companies Ethernet network controlling up to 8 sesamo reading units of personal data and up to 8 I/O+Click units of command and entry control through a local bus (Loc-Bus) with 3 wires for powering and signal transfer.

To various concentrators can be connected through a single Loc-Bus line up to 8 sesamo and up to 8 I/O+Click.
Each peripheral device (sesamo and I/O +Click) is configured through jumpers and each unit can be programmed independently and associated to a different entry both in mono or bidirectional mode.

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