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TREXOM offers solutions for monitoring people and things that go beyond access and attendance management. Below we present one of our integrated solutions with a specific application that applies to refuelling: FUEL.


​FUEL is a complete and modern instrument for control and management of refuelling from private distributors. With the FUEL system, you can control the allocation of fuel for company vehicles in order to obtain complete management of costs and a fast assessment of the fuel reserve supply. It is possible to integrate the control into any plant, even a pre-existing one. Allocation is regulated by a special control device that reads the identification card assigned to approved staff and sends the data collected to a special programme resident on a personal computer that can perform an analysis of the consumption by vehicle or by driver and appropriately manage the fuel supplies in the tank, indicating the remaining reserve.

Fuel gestione carburanti

FUEL, using proximity cards (TAG) (or keyrings), allows:
- Recognition of the user doing the fuelling, allowing access only to authorised persons.
- Recording of all data related to each withdrawal.
- Dialogue with the PC, which uses dedicated software to allow the management of the collected data.
A display guides the operations with clear messages and, during the supply, shows how many litres have been supplied.
The terminal records all the data in its internal memory: number of litres dispensed, data and time of fuelling, user code for the person doing the fuelling, kilometres travelled and vehicle code.
The terminal’s memory can contain up to 5000 operations, removing the need for constant linking with the PC holding the files and, therefore, the data download can be done in a single operation at the end of the day. In addition to recording the transactions performed, the terminal automatically manages a list of 3000 approved cards that it is thus allowed to operate. On the PC, you can update the list, adding new users or removing those who are no longer approved.
The software allows complete management of personnel (tables of company employees), tanks, supplies, etc.

FUEL is an integrated system composed of:
- A terminal that reads proximity cards from Trexom with a keypad and display (complete with an optically isolated 8-input interface) in an electric command and supply panel.
- Electrical panel with Gate terminal and proximity readers.
- Digital fluxmeter/flowmeter (pulse emitter) to be installed in the pump and connected to a Trexom Terminal.
- AMBROGIO management software, including the software for communication between the Terminal and the PC.
- Communications interface between the Terminal <-> PC.
- Identification transponder (proximity) card/keychain

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