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TREXOM designs and produces, right in its facility in Friuli, devices and software for work management (personnel management, attendance management, canteen management, access control, production monitoring, data collection systems, RFID technology, etc.) but, more than anything else, Trexom is a firm that provides solutions.
The ultimate goal is to more than satisfy the increasingly specific needs of our customers and the market, beginning with an expert analysis/definition of the specifications along with advanced hardware and software design, constant research and development and a diligent and reliable support department.

Each product is planned out in the smallest detail to ensure maximum performance and convenience, with an eye to aesthetics as well.

Skill and dedication are our watchwords at Trexom. This ensures that our products are true examples of first-rate Italian production, in which practicalities are based on attention to people.


Trexom designs its own hardware in-house, following through on every detail from the beginning.
Because of this, the end result is the best it can be, since every step is followed personally by the company’s qualified technical staff.


Trexom has invested in technical staff so it can continue providing forward-looking solutions, software that keeps pace with the market’s needs, allowing better opportunities than in the past and creating enormous potential for the use of its products.
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In the ‘Solutions’ section, you will note how Trexom, integrating its hardware, software, ability to understand needs and, especially, its experience and vision, has provided solutions that are functional, interesting and based in detail on the customer’s needs.
As an example, Trexom can show you the FUEL integrated system for fuel management. Click below for the details.

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